A Legacy worth Investing

Home is where beautiful and shared memories are kept.

A cherished abode capturing every laughter, every tear, every moment.

This is my legacy–my wealth, our home.

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condo in cebu city
condo in cebu city


Umi Garden Suite’s high end residential condominium in cebu city is located within City di Mare, the lifestyle capital of Cebu. Situated along South Road Properties, City Di Mare is less than a 20 minute drive away from Cebu’s central business district and less than a 40 minute drive from Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Adjacent to the coastal road of Cebu City, Umi Garden Suites – High-end Condominium Complex will give you and your family an infinite view of a picturesque sunset and a dramatic view of a vast mountain.

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Forever is composed of nows. It is all about living in the moment and taking it day by day. There is no need to push, to dash and to rush. All of life’s necessities are within my reach — whether it be for work or for leisure. I have all the time in the world to do things at my own pace. I can enjoy the smooth cadence of life because of
Umi’s rare gift: the luxury of time.

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I am always left in awe by the seamless flow of artistry and class everywhere I look. Umi Garden Suites – High End Condominium design is carefully crafted like a masterpiece and intelligently combines beauty and function. Every day is an opportunity for me to rediscover elegance and refinement.

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exclusive condomonium in cebu city

There is always a big, inviting stretch of space for me to discover and explore. The lush landscaping of the charming high end and exclusive residential condominium compound is waiting for me to uncover its every corner. There is always room for me to grow, explore and chance upon exciting new things in life.

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condo in cebu city


Luxury cannot be staged. It is more than the embellishments, more than what the eye could see.

Umi Garden Suites – Exclusive High End Condominium Complex is redefining luxury by going back to what it really is about – experiential, genuine and pure.

Being the first Exclusive Collection project ever to grace the vibrant city of Cebu, Umi Garden Suites is the opening salvo to our brand of more sophisticated residential experience. We alter the definition of luxury by giving it attributes that are experienced through all senses – luxury that you can see, smell, taste and feel.

Here at Umi Garden Suites, we do not give you flashes of opulence. We want you to experience a permanent state of luxury that you can bestow unto the next generation.